How to Interpret a Natal Chart: Part 1

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This series of ‘How to Interpret a Natal Chart’ is a more comprehensive guide into the construction of the Natal Chart that will eventually lead to how an individual can look at their personal chart and adequately interpret for themselves.

The first time I looked at my own Natal Chart, I wasn’t sure what think of it. I had no connection with the lines drawn across and the symbols that were represented. And because it’s circular, I wasn’t even sure where to begin. This all felt very convoluted to me, and I almost gave up trying to understand Astrology. Ultimately, I wanted to go down a path toward Wisdom. I thought, 'What’s the point in learning something if it doesn’t produce a benefit to others?’ I have come to find out that true Wisdom is the result of taking everything one has learned and creating change through conscious willpower. This path has led me down to consider many different things and eventually I was convicted to revisit Astrology as it’s deeply connected with Psychology, Theology, and Science. Is Astrology an outdated way of thinking, or is there more to Astrology than we know? The aim of this series is not to convince the skeptical of believing in Astrology, but to explain what a Natal Chart is, how it was created, and how it can be interpreted.

A Natal Chart, or also known as a Birth Chart, may seem very strange to those who might be new to Astrology. At the very moment of one takes their first breath, the body also takes in a consciousness. Some say our birth chart is like a picture of 'a spiritual garment one puts on when they are born and can only remove this garment when they die, but then will wear another garment either similar to or different from the last one for the next life cycle.'

Most people have already been told their Sun sign along with a handful of traits that are so vague that it could easily apply to anyone. Learning Astrology is not for the faint of heart. One will often come to hit many roadblocks due to their personal conditionings from genuinely understanding something. We have to learn to 'get out of our own way.'

Exoteric vs. Esoteric

Exoteric means merely understanding at a surface level. It is a general knowledge that is common among the public. It is like hearing about someone one has never met, but knows they exist. One might hear rumors about another person and could possibly influence what they think about them without confirming these rumors were true or not, might run into this person and will already have an opinion without ever getting to know them. This is where "Sun Sign" Astrology would be classified under Exoteric.


Esoteric means not just hearing about this person and leaving it at that, but seeking them out and developing a relationship with them. It takes an effort to move past what one may have heard to find out what can only be known through intentionality. So Astrology is not some absurd paragraph description one may read in a magazine, it is much more profound than this.

The Zodiac

Contrary to popular belief, the Zodiac is broader than the time of the year an individual was born. There are many constellations in the night sky, but what is unique about the Zodiacal constellations is they follow the path of our sun every year and are also called the Heavenly Houses. Added in the table below are the Alchemical States & Twelve Senses to give attributes to these names without reducing them to simplistic descriptions. Sun Sign Astrology claims that, for example, when a person is born on April 13th they are an Aries and not any of the other signs. True Astrology says it is the home the individual was born at, not as. So to say a person's identity is their home makes no sense. To modernize this term for today, we can say a house is like a scene in a movie. And the very first scene is where and when the hero was born.

Zodiac Time Quality Element Sense
Aries ♈ Mar 21-Apr 19 Cardinal Fire Speech
Taurus ♉ Apr 20-May 20 Fixed Earth Thought
Gemini ♊ May 21-Jun 20 Mutable Air Ego
Cancer ♋ Jun 21-Jul 22 Cardinal Water Touch
Leo ♌ Jul 23-Aug 22 Fixed Fire Life
Virgo ♍ Aug 23-Sep 22 Mutable Earth Movement
Libra ♎ Sep 23-Oct 22 Cardinal Air Equilibrium
Scorpio ♏ Oct 23-Nov 21 Fixed Water Smell
Sagittarius ♐ Nov 22-Dec 21 Mutable Fire Taste
Capricorn ♑ Dec 22-Jan 19 Cardinal Earth Vision
Aquarius ♒ Jan 20-Feb 18 Fixed Air Warmth
Pisces ♓ Feb 19-Mar 20 Mutable Water Hearing

Geocentricism & Heliocentricism

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Found on Google Images

Traditionally, when past Astrologers would look up at the night sky, it would seem as if everything was revolving around a flat disk-like surface and we were trapped in a dome which we once called the Firmament. Today, we know now that this is not the case and Heliocentricism has been proven that the sun’s gravitational pull is causing a spherical Earth and all the other planets to revolve around it as the central point. To think about these two maturely, one could say Subjectivity & Objectivity. The original way of creating a Natal Chart was designed with the subjectivity of the earth taking center stage. Astrologically, it provides an interesting perspective where the Celestial Bodies look as if they are dancing above our heads. The beautiful patterns that are created by these bodies are significant because it begins to tell us a story.

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