custom printed natal charts + FULL REPORT

 Frame not included

Frame not included

ORDER to receive your chart by JAN ‘19

Hand-designed with care & locally printed here in Bellingham, WA using quality 100lb Cover Stock Paper. Inspired by the traditional chart with major improvements.

Includes all Classical Planets, Chiron, Your Ascendant, North & South Node.
Additional Asteroids & Minor Aspects are also available.

Also comes with a comprehensive report of ALL of the relationships between all of the Classical Planets to guide you on how to read your own Natal Chart. OVER 10 PAGES OF MATERIAL!

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What Is A Natal Chart?

 Frame not included

Frame not included

A Natal Chart, or also known as a Birth Chart, may seem very strange to those who might be new to Astrology. At the very moment of one takes their first breath, the body also takes in a consciousness. Some say our birth chart is like a picture of 'a spiritual garment one puts on when they are born and can only remove this garment when they die, but then will wear another garment either similar to or different from the last one for the next life cycle.'

Following the Law of Correspondence, “As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul,” the individual is presented with a blueprint of their own consciousness which reveals the gifts they were given along with certain challenges they will encounter. Although the celestial bodies do impel the individual, they do not compel.

How one chooses to manifest is entirely up to them . . .

What’s special about this natal chart

This Natal Chart was carefully designed with a clean and modern approach while staying true to the traditional Natal Chart. Each glyph has been studied and redesigned for consistency to be easily read from a distance. Unlike most charts currently out there, this Custom Natal Chart takes into account of your Ascendant, which opens the door to the Journey of the Soul!

Also Includes the Following Improvements:

+ Your Sun’s Zodiac symbol is indicated at the bottom center of the Aspect Table.

+ Dotted degrees and markers to indicate where exactly each Celestial Body resides.

+ Angles now have classifications to show the Major Aspects without needing to look to the Aspect Table and are carefully linked with one another.

+ The Zodiacal Constellations are displayed in the background following the respective Zodiacal glyph.

+ The Zodiacal Houses dividing the Heavens are labeled in the background near the central point of the chart with dashed extensions to prevent possible clashing with the potential Aspects that might cross. The line extends outward to the Heavens in case of possible Oppositional Aspects obstruct the given labels.

+ The Aspect Table indicates the types of relationships and shows the reader the exact measurements as well as what sign each fall under.

Includes Major Aspects + Chiron And FULL REPORT

  • Two Sizes to choose from: 8.5x11” or 11x17” (+$10)

  • Natal Chart (Precisely rotated & divided in alignment with the Ascendant using the Placidus House System)

  • Digital PDF Copy emailed to you directly

  • Your Name as well as the Date, Time & Location of Birth

  • Custom Designed Aspect Table

  • Celestial Bodies: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron, North Node & South Node

  • Full report sent as a digital PDF of all of the harmonic and discordic relationships shown in your chart to teach you how to read a Natal Chart on your own! (On average, over 10 pages of material!)

$5 + Asteroids*

  • Ceres

  • Lilith

  • Pallas

  • Vesta

  • Juno

    *Will only be displayed in chart, not in table. Will not have any angles drawn.

$5 + Minor Aspects*

  • Inconjunct

  • Quintile

  • Semi-sextile

  • Semi-square

  • Sesquiquadrate

    *Will only be displayed in table, not drawn in chart.